How Can We Help?

The Mangrove Forests in Jakarta is greatly threatened and only half of the conservation area has been rehabilitated (50 hectares of mangrove forest). It is difficult to plant more as their is a shortage of staff to enforce rules and laws on the conservation, therefore, fishermen come and kill the mangroves. The chop branches (photo above) so that the mangrove is smaller than what it should be and the young mangroves that have just been planted, they cut the bamboo basket that holds the mud in with the mangrove, and the mud spills out. The mangrove plant will die shortly as it cannot find a place to settle (when it is still a a few weeks old it is possible but past 3 months it is not possible for it to land in mud and re-grow. Aside from that, their is a high chance that the roots will catch on something and will get cut, therefore killing the plant. For more information on mangroves, open 'What are mangroves and how are they helpful?'). 

At Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk, you can help by giving a donation to the conservation to help conserve these majestic trees and to continue to plant more. Or, if you like the mud, you can get down into the mud and plant a few of your own trees. The Conservation Park has only half of its 50 hectares of land covered with mangroves, and 10-20 hectares of it must be replanted as people who do not like the mangroves destroy the seedlings. But, within the past four years, tourists and companies have come to donate their time and money to plant trees. Come be the next to help and make a difference!