Mangrove Planting; How?

Planting mangroves is really quite simple. But preparing and creating the materials you need isn't as easy as it looks. To protect the young mangrove tree from being washed away and to keep the plant from washing away, a bamboo 'pot' must be created. It is a cylinder pot about one meter high and 50 centimeters wide, and is weaved from bamboo. After that, a sack with the top and bottom open is to be inserted into the pot. The pot and sack is to be put in a body of water connected to the sea and the tide must affect the water. The water must also have at least 30 centimeters of mud and 50 centimeters of water. The sack is to be filled to the top with mud and a bamboo pole roughly 2 meters long inserted. A small hole is to be dug in the 'pot' and the young mangrove roughly 3 months old or with at least 4 leafs is inserted and roots covered with mud. just below where the leafs stop sprouting from the tree, the plant is to be tied to the bamboo pole. Then, you're done!

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