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Mangroves were once thriving through out the Jakarta bay. But, then housing complexes. The housing complexes have almost completely taken over the 1000 hectares of once mangrove forest. Only 100 hectares of Mangrove forests remain. Want to help? Visit http://www.jakmangrove.org or, go to 'How can we help?'.

Taman Wisata Pantai Muara Angke

Created by a passionate enviromentalist, Ibu Sri Lela Murniwati, or ibu Murni, has gone far from 1997 when she acquired the permit to create a conservation forest. Although she has gone quite the opposite of what she planned (she was going to maintain and expand the already existing, at the time, mangrove forest but when the permit was acquired the forest was destroyed), she is still as hopeful for Jakartans to change their ways... /taman-wisata-alam-angke-kapuk.html

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